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Born on 25th January, Nikita Tak hails from Rajasthan, the Land of the Kings in India. She is born in Ajmer and bought up in Silvassa, capital of U.T of D&NH. She is a prolific Indian author and poet. She writes romance, science fiction, motivational and inspiring stories, Acrostic rhymes poetry, etc that touches the hearts of literature lovers in the blink of an eye. She is also a passionate blogger who loves to write blogs in different niche. She is a huge fan of Jules Verne. Apart from writing, she loves cooking, reading books, articles, etc. She also loves to research about numerology and astrology. She has a vision to make this world a better place. Her books are The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee, The Chocolate Cake, The Masquerade Party Incident...........was the reason why scientist came. She recently launched the cover of her 4th book, The First Sip Of My Red Wine. She can be reached at www.taknikita.com or you can reach her through mail at nikk1025writer@gmail.com. My skype id: nikk1025writer. My insta handle is @nikitatakauthorpoetofficial. Connect with me on Clubhouse

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