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 This book is the collection of engaging poetry and thoughts that will inspire you. Read to know my deep feelings in the form of words, irrespective of any emotion my heart feels. The quotes will mentally stimulate to the core.  

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 The Masquerade Party Incident....was the reason why scientist came (2019)

 Dr. Sameer and Dr. Manvika met each other at a party. They both fell in love and then got married. They were blessed with a baby boy after marriage. Their son, Manveer grew up and became renowned scientist. He read a science fiction writer's book that had science imaginary invention ideas into reality after reading the book. He was just about to receive award from the govt. for his inventions. This news was a proud moment for his parents. But alas! Dr. Manvika faced a mishap just 1 month before the award function. What might have happened to her? Will she be able to attend the event of her son's award ceremony or not? 

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The Chocolate (2018)

Sanidhya was just 1 step away from achieving success. But alas! He faced a mishap. Will he give up on his dreams? Will he again stand for chasing his goal, no matter how tough it is? Read to know why doctors are like god on this earth, in book, "The Chocolate Cake". Also, read to know what scientific inventions Sanidhya creates for safety of women, in this book.



The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee (2017)

This book is the best collection of engrossing romantic
poetries: Acrostics, long narrative, rhymes and some
awe-inspiring quotes that will thrill you to bits.
The quotes will motivate you to think positive in life!

What happens when you just have to clear 1 step for the
success, and you face a mishap? Will you give up? Will
you again stand for chasing your goal, no matter how
tough it is?

Read to know, why doctors are like god on this earth,
in the story, "The Chocolate Cake"

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Un-Whispered Wish

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