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Best books to read in 2023- Never Say Nevver

  One of the awesome books I have read in 2023. Twists throughout he book kept me glued to the book till last page. It is a light read and you can complete in a day. It is one of the best books to read in 2023 . This book is the story of Nikita Kumar’s life. She is twenty-five years old, doesn't have a job, does not have any real love in her life. And it doesn't look like she has any real prospects, personally or professionally. She lives in Mumbai, with her roommate and best friend, Aziza.Nikita is in a relationship with Deepak who irritates her. Yet, she has agreed to marry him. She is in love with her best friend’s boyfriend Raghav who is an RJ. She is confused by her feelings, and is in a conflict about what she really wants from life.Frustrated, she makes a resolution. She lists down a few things that she will never do, on the eve of her cousin's wedding. She decides she will never consent to marry for money, she will never stay in a loveless relationship, sh