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Best Books to Read in 2024- The Service Elevator

  From the cover, I thought it will be horror. But it's not horror. The narration of the plot is so easy to understand and as the story progresses, I came to the most important part, "karma" and I am a strong believer in karma. Moreover, the story made me numb completely in many parts. I loved this unique plot. IT MUST BE MADE INTO SCREEN because the story teaches many things. I also felt goosebumps in some parts. NO SPOILERS here. Read the book to know more. I completed reading the book in 7 hours. Milind Kabra, a thriving management executive and a prominent figure in India's IT industry, unexpectedly finds himself alone in an elevator one day. However, his situation takes a perplexing turn when an unfamiliar and enigmatic man engages him in conversation, promptly assuming control of the elevator. This unsettling encounter shatters Milind's belief that he's merely trapped due to a malfunction; instead, he comes to the stark realization that he