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Death Served Cold-Book Review: Guest Post by Aarushi Morakhia (@basically.reviewing)

    Connect with Aarushi Morakhia (@basically.reviewing) Book Review:  Author: Sourabh Mukherjee Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors (10 August 2021) Language: English Paperback: 216 pages ISBN-10: 939044151X ISBN-13: 978- 9390441518 Blurb:  A woman relishes the last cries of her husband on the phone as he is brutally murdered by her lover. A teenager poisons her family for the love of her tutor. A woman driven by greed ruthlessly bludgeons eight members of her family. A beautician gangs up with her lover to rob a house, killing innocent women from three generations of a family. A practising lawyer strangles her lawyer husband with the cord of a mobile charger. A friendly and jovial teacher commits at least six murders over fourteen years in a sleepy town down south. DEATH SERVED COLD is a painstakingly researched collection of true, blood-curdling account