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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Top 5 tips to write good science fiction- by an Indian Science fiction writer

So you love to think about new technological advances. If yes, think about scifi #sciencefiction. Here in this post, I will tell about the best tips to write good science fiction that will thrill geeks to bits.

#1 Science around you:-

Just think “science is in day to day life.

#2 Be a keen observer:

All you need to start doing is, observe the world around you, keenly because you can get inspired from any tiny thing.

#3 Ponder over problems of the world:

Think about a problem that people face in world, the problems which can be solved by scientific inventions. And begin thinking to solve those problems by tech advancements.

#4 Research, research, research:

Research about the latest technology solutions developed for solving that problem which you are pondering over. Just imagine if that latest technology solution fails at some point to solve that problem, then what new technology advance invention should be made. 

#5 There you go:

There you are! Think of something better technology solution than that. After you have thought over it, just research 10 to 20 pages on google if that technology solution exists in reality or not.
Whoa! If it does not exist in the world, then please share that imaginary scientific invention concept to the world in a story.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Top 5 Must-Follow Literary websites That will Thrill Literature Lovers to Bits

Do you love books and literature to the core?

If yes, this post will be like music to your ears.
Here, in this post, I will list the 5 best websites for book lovers around the globe.

Here you go:

#1 Goodreads:

This is one of the best book related websites for all literature lovers. Here you will get recommendations and reviews of various engaging books in different categories. You are free to register yourself for goodreads and create your own bookshelf, books to read, books which you are currently reading, etc. You can also check about the books your friends are reading.

This is yet another online platform that will make a book lover grin from ear to ear. You can buy various types of books from Amazon, in different literature genre of your choice. The best part is that Amazon offers books at good discounts during festive season sales.

This is yet another wonderful platform for books. You can buy, sell or donate books by this platform. You can buy various author signed copies for different literature genres from kharidobecho.

This is the platform for literature lovers to know about the authors. Here you will find interviews authors and about their books.

#5 BookBub:

This amazing platform gives you the best deals for engrossing reads. One of the best platform for book lovers worldwide.

Well, if there is any of your favorite book related websites, please share in the comments section below.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Top 10 Amazon Author Pages of 2018 Every Book Lover Should Follow

Are you all set to know about the best authors on Amazon? Their pages will let you know more about them, their books, published, upcoming, etc. Here is the list of top 10 amazon author pages of 2018 that every bibliophile must follow.

Here you go:

Books authored: You are My Reason to Smile, Be My Perfect Ending, I Still Think About You, Chocolate Sauce

Books authored: No Matter What I Do I End Up Falling For You, Imperfect Misfits, Unimaginably

Books authored: I Tagged Her in My Heart, It’s Not Right...But It’s Okay, Journey of Two Hearts, It Had To Be You

Books authored: The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee- released in July 2017
The Chocolate Cake: upcoming medical thriller-cum-science fiction- releasing in December 2018

Books authored: Too Hard to handle, For the Sake of Love, Voicemates: A Novel, Hallwey’s Halloween: #1 To Earth or No?

Books authored: Equations of a Being

Books authored: The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Secretly Yours, Love Lasts Forever

Books authored: Everyone Has A Story, Everyone Has A Story 2, This is Not Your Story

Books authored: The Full Circle, A Silent Promise

Books authored: Te Amo...I Love You, Love of my Life, 12 Hours

5 Best Literary Facebook Pages of 2018 Every Book Lover Should Hit Like On

Are you a bookworm on Facebook? If yes, you have come at the right place. Here in this post, I will walk you through the best Facebook pages to follow in 2018 for every book lovers. These pages will tell you about the best poetry books of 2018, best science fiction books, best books to read once in a lifetime, etc. 

Here you go:

This is the facebook page of a page-turner book, one of the best poetry books of 2018 having a collection of engaging poetry, thoughts and 1 short story. 

“I am overwhelmed while writing the review for ‘The First Sip of My Morning Coffee’ by Nikita Tak. The prose and poem mixing itself are intriguing enough to compel the reader to finish the book. Poems are romantic and touch chord of heart and mind. Quotes are focussed on jealousy which we all know is main bone of contention in happy life. The story is inspiring as it builds up the much needed feeling of gratitude towards doctors in today’s dismal scenario against doctor where we keep on reading the news of misbehaviour against them. It also makes us realize that doctors can develop relationship with other fraternity too.” Dr Ramesh Goyal, Endocrinologist at Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad

 #2 Science Fiction Book Club:

This is yet another must-like literary facebook page for all the scifi book lovers out there. From this page, you will know about the best in class scifi books.  

Also read: 16 best poetry books of 2018 that will make a poetry lover grin from ear to ear

This is the facebook page of Indian author and poet. She loves to share blogs on her page, and also about her books. 

This is another must-like literary facebook page for all the book lovers out there. You will know about different types of books on this page.

#5 Book Riot:

This is also the best literary facebook page that every bibliophile must hit like on. This page has the news and reviews about myriad books.

Top 5 tips to write good science fiction- by an Indian Science fiction writer

So you love to think about new technological advances. If yes, think about scifi #sciencefiction . Here in this post, I will tell...