5 Gripping Books to Read on a Beach Holiday

Hello folks! Are you planning for a wonderful trip to a beguiling beach? Well, there are so many things to carry in the bag while planning for the beach vacation. But the most essential of all for bibliophiles, are the classic literature. There are various books to read on a beach holiday that you can choose from. But, here is the list of 5 breath-taking books to read on beach vacation that will make you as happy as a clam. 

Here you go:

#1 Killer Moves by Varsha Dixit

Blurb: Everyone has a secret. Aisha Khatri has many!
Aisha’s life is seemingly mundane on the surface-she writes for television and takes care of her niece Kiara and her retired father. But when Kiara’s life is threatened during a modeling assignment for the famous Kabir Rana, once a suspect for his wife’s murder, the only way Aisha can save Kiara is by accepting the unique ability she has aggressively resisted all her life. There are also various captivating books to read this monsoon 2018 that will leave you enthralled.

One of the best selling poetry books of 2018, it will thrill the book lovers to bits. This is also one of the best books to read on beach vacation. Blurb: This book is the best collection of engrossing romantic poetries: Acrostics, long narrative, rhymes and some awe-inspiring quotes that will thrill you to bits. The quotes will motivate you to think positive in life! What happens when you just have to clear 1 step for the success, and you face a mishap? Will you give up? Will you again stand for chasing your goal, no matter how tough it is? Read to know, why doctors are like god on this earth, in the story, "The Chocolate Cake" Happy reading!

Well, coming to the cover, I’d love to say that the cover of the book is exactly appropriate and it’s perfectly depicting the significance of the title of the book. It’s quite tempting cover for the book lovers (read Coffee lover here) out there. This is the 1st time I have read any book that is published by InkQuills Publishing House.
Now, if I have to say on the title, then actually, only the title is enough capable of seeking the attention of booklovers. What I thought after hearing the title first time, that Coffee? Like..what about that? Means, what can be inside the book that made the title this much unique? Then, soon after finishing the book I can conclude this fact that this title is well enough for this book.
The language is very simple, lucid and not contains that much rich words; thus made it easy for readers to relate with the poems. But the words are ornamented in such a way that made the poems a real beauty.
The theme of the poems are- Romance and love (soulful Love).
This book consists of 32 Poems (with Acrostics), a section full of Inspirational Quotes & the last but definitely not the least, a short story named “The Chocolate Cake”. Some of the poems are so touching that I read them numerous times, some are simple but unique, and some are just lightly penned downed emotions; but every poem is significant in its own way. This are actually love poems; basically romance lovers can instantly relate themselves with the feeling and the type of situation portrayed in to poems. Lovely feelings and the depth of the emotions, crave for love, intensity were pretty much evident from the poems. Out of these 32 poems I would like to mention the name of 4 poems that pierced my heart and left a deep impact in my mind; they are- ‘For the rest of my life’, ‘I just live’, ‘I want to’, ‘If I had a last wish (An Acrostic)’. The Inspirational Quotes section is full of motivational and actually some classy quotes to be specific. I loved reading them all and would love to mention two quotes here directly from the book; here they are- “A quote for the writer by a writer:
We are writers! Be it writing 4 pages story, 40 pages story or 400 pages story! We just need 4 letters words to start, just 4letters word and the 4 letters word is IDEA- idea. In short, we just need a sperk of fire to turn it into a volcano.”
“We have control on every word in the dictionary, except for 2: “Death” and “Heart”.”
Coming to the short story, it revolves around the lives of persons from two different backgrounds actually; one of them is software engineer & the other one is dentist. This is not just a love tale; it is actually something that helps us to realize about the value of relationships, importance of friends and our closed ones, respecting and living life, to stay dedicated to our goal and dreams and such other things. A story that short in length, but not in depth.
Well presented and much appreciated piece of work done by Nikita. I would recommend this poetry book to all the romance lovers and poetry lovers as well. –Subhajit Das 

#3 Love Possible Marriage Impossible by Anurag Kumar: 
Blurb: Have you ever fallen in love? If yes then you might have faced the same problem in your life. Prem who realized at a very early stage of his life about a bitter truth of our society, his best friend Sanskriti left him just because they did not belong to same caste. He could not understand how can a person leave you just because you were not born in same cast? Trying to accept this hard truth he moved ahead in his life, then again Roohi entered in his college life. She fell madly and deeply in love with him but he was unable to accept her because she was not only from different cast, religion too and he departed from her forever without expressing exact feeling towards her. But his destiny had something else for him so luckily or unluckily, willingly or unwillingly Prerna accidentally came into his life and both fell in love with each other. Will they be able to marry each other or will the society punish them by murdering their love in the name of honor?

#4 The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kumar: 

The stunning new poetry collection from Rupi Kaur, worldwide bestselling author of milk and honey.

From Rupi Kaur, the top ten Sunday Times bestselling author of milk and honey.

#5 Inside The Heart of Hope by Rishabh Puri: 

We’re all a little broken, and that’s okay.
Or is it? Rick has a medical condition that makes his life different from the rest. But unlike others around him, he sees this not as a curse, but as an opportunity to cherish life and all the bitter-sweet gifts it brings with it.

Amidst frequent visits to the doctor, multiple surgeries that risk his life being, and a life that meant surveillance all the time, Rick has to fight for himself each day. But he pulls through, thanks to his family and friend Jacob, who become his pillars of strength.

And then, at a time when he is least expecting it, and with someone he meets by accident – love happens. It’s a new feeling for his heart and he is scared to lose it.

Will Lisa really understand the goodness of his heart or just walk away?

Inside the Heart of Hope is a story of strong will, perseverance and optimism which will make you wonder if sky is really the limit.


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