10 Striking Best Book Covers of 2018 September

Happy September, readers! As the author of best romance poetry book of 2018, I will list some of the ravishing book covers of 2018 that are must-add in your bookshelf this September.

Here you go:

#1 Love Possible Marriage Impossible 

Buy Love Possible Marriage Impossible by Anurag Kumar, a must-add in your bookshelf in September.

#2 Inside The Heart Of Hope

#3 The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee

Buy The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee by Nikita Tak, a must-add for your bookshelf in September

#4 Mission Superstar 

#5 I Still Think About You 

#6 A Kind Of Commitment 

#7 I Tagged Her In My Heart 

#8 No Matter What I Do: I end up Falling For You 

#9 The Girl With A Secret Crush 

#10 A Thing Beyond Forever


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