6 Smashing Ways to Celebrate World Food Day 2018

All you foodies out there! Here comes the day that will make you grin from ear to ear. Yayyy! 16 October is celebrated as World Food Day. In this post I will tell you about 5 different ways to celebrate this awesome day.

Here you go:

#1 Give food to poor people on this day and make them smile:

The most beautiful thing in this world is humanity. Go ahead on this lovely day to give food to poor people or orphanage you find in your city or town. Well! This is something you will love doing always. 


#2 Cook something new healthy food recipe:

You can try out yummy healthy recipe that was in your wish list to cook, since long time. Enjoy eating the recipe with family. Oh! It spreads smile instantly.

#3 You can also hangout with friends at your favorite restaurant:

Check out for the best food joint in town. Try having food there with friends. Give reviews, post the photos on instagram profile. Whoa! This is the best way to enjoy this day.

#4 Enjoy some tasty food with friends at office time during tea-break:

You can also order delicious food from food ordering app during tea-break at office time and enjoy with friends on this beautiful day.

#5 Make food at home for family on this World Food Day:

Make your family happy by trying cooking in the kitchen and making a tasty meal at home. 

#6 Try visiting any new restaurant in town, being a foodie:

Another best way to enjoy World Food Day is by going to the recently started restaurant in town. Your reviews after eating will help other foodies in town.


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