Top 10 Amazon Author Pages of 2018 Every Book Lover Should Follow

Are you all set to know about the best authors on Amazon? Their pages will let you know more about them, their books, published, upcoming, etc. Here is the list of top 10 amazon author pages of 2018 that every bibliophile must follow.

Here you go:

Books authored: You are My Reason to Smile, Be My Perfect Ending, I Still Think About You, Chocolate Sauce

Books authored: No Matter What I Do I End Up Falling For You, Imperfect Misfits, Unimaginably

Books authored: I Tagged Her in My Heart, It’s Not Right...But It’s Okay, Journey of Two Hearts, It Had To Be You

Books authored: The First Sip Of My Morning Coffee- released in July 2017
The Chocolate Cake: upcoming medical thriller-cum-science fiction- releasing in December 2018

Books authored: Too Hard to handle, For the Sake of Love, Voicemates: A Novel, Hallwey’s Halloween: #1 To Earth or No?

Books authored: Equations of a Being

Books authored: The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Secretly Yours, Love Lasts Forever

Books authored: Everyone Has A Story, Everyone Has A Story 2, This is Not Your Story

Books authored: The Full Circle, A Silent Promise

Books authored: Te Amo...I Love You, Love of my Life, 12 Hours


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