7 Lip-smacking Recipes to Try at Home on World Chocolate Day 2020

Chocolate, the word itself brings water in mouth. The cherry on cake is that a day is set aside to celebrate your love for chocolates. July 7 is celebrated as World Chocolate Day. Isn’t it sweet day to enjoy chocolates in different ways? If you have still not planned what to make on this delicious world chocolate day then don’t worry. You just have to scroll down to know more about toothsome recipes that you can make quickly at home on this day and enjoy with friends and family. 

Here is the list of yummy sweet desserts you can make with chocolate on this day: 

#1 Chocolate Cake

#2 Chocolate Fudge

#3 Chocolate Milkshake

#4 Chocolate Ice creams

#5 Chocolate Cookies 

#6 Chocolate Barfi 

#7 Chocolate Laddu


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