10 Gripping Best Books of 2020 to Add in your Library in Winters


Heya folks! I don't know how you landed to this page, through random searches or through some links. I hope you are enjoying the chilled climate by keeping yourself warm. Cool winters and a cup of coffee is one of the best combinations in the world. What about some engaging books to enjoy along with sipping coffee. Are you a book lover? If yes, here is the list of engrossing best books of 2020 to read in winters.

#1 One Day, Life Will Change by Saranya Umakanthan

#2 The Girl Next Door by Arpit Vageria 

#3 Was it Love? by Neha Sultania



#4 Forever Yours by Rishabh Puri

#5 Those eight hours with her by Anjum Awasthi Malik

#6 Rhythm Roger by Himanshu Rai 

#7 Give your Heart a Break by Anuj Tiwari

#8 The Girl Who Knew Too Much by Vikrant Khanna

#9 The Diary of My Love by Deesha Sangani 

#10 You Only Live Once by Stuti Changle


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