16 Lip-smacking Hot and Spicy Food to Try on International Hot and Spicy Food Day


Hey foodies! How are you all? The winters are at peak and this calls for some mouth-watering hot and spicy food. Would you like to know that a day is set to show your love for yummy hot and spicy food. Yes, it is true and the day is celebrated worldwide on 16th January. International hot and spicy food day is for people like you and me to enjoy delicious hot and spicy recipes even more. There are different hot and spicy snack  like samosa that you can enjoy with the sip of coffee.
Are you yet to decide about what you will cook on this amazing day? Just chill. In this post, I will share some quick and easy recipes you can try with few ingredients to beat the winter blues on this International hot and spicy food day on 16th January, 2021. 😋

Here you go: 

#1 Phaal curry

#2 Paneer tikka masala

#3 Habanero salsa


#4 Spicy grilled shrimp 


#5 Chicken vindaloo

 #6 Paneer vindaloo


#7 Lasaniya batata



#8 Galouti Kebab



#9 Chole Bhature 



#10 Paneer jalfrezi



#11 Hot and sour glass noodles


#12 Rajasthani gatta curry 



#13 Manchurian 


#14 Samosa



#15 Peruvian Ceviche



#16 Camarones a La Diabla




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