10 Engaging, Best Romance Books of 2021 to Read in April


Heya all romance readers out there! Happy April! 😊

Looking for some riveting romance reads to beat the heat in April 😊

Here, I will walk you through some of the gripping, best romance books of 2021 to add in your library in April 😊

#1 Bitten by Love by Vijaya S

ANU is young, simple and carefree, gearing up for her first job at Oasis Ltd. She gets paired with ABHI, a mature and an unassuming boy, in her first assignment with the Indian IT giant. Little does she know that the pairing is not a mere coincidence, but a plan by destiny. Abhi does not have any inkling that the beautiful girl he was smitten by at a traffic signal, would end up as his pair programmer for whom he would eventually be ready to give up everything in life.
What will happen when Anu’s protective family gets to know about their love?
Will Abhi keep up the promise he makes to Anu’s family?
How will Anu cope with this drastic change in Abhi’s priorities?
Come, fall and rise in love as Bitten by Love takes you through an exhilarating and heart touching journey of friendships and love, driven by destiny, hope and determination.


#2 Holding On To Love by Ashish Sinha

When ASHU finds out that his so-called loved ones pampered him only till his father was living, he is heartbroken. After his father’s sudden demise, Ashu is left alone, fighting the world for every small bit of happiness. But he rediscovers love and affection in DISHA ,who he meets at a job interview.
Disha is an epitome of love and he finds his true happiness with her. Soon after their marriage, just as they are beginning to relish the little joys of life, Ashu is diagnosed with a fatal disease. The only way out is a transplant, which in itself is a life-threatening surgery.
Will Disha’s overwhelming love, acceptance and sacrifice make the impossible possible?
Holding On To Love is an astonishing true story of Ashu’s will to defeat destiny, backed by Disha’s faith in the power of their love.


#3 Love You Forever by Abbyshek Chandra

Abby is seventeen when he first falls in love. Shalini loves him too, and wants to marry him. But after three years of their relationship, she dumps him brutally one day, leaving him with a torturous set of unanswered questions.

Why did Shalini suddenly dump Abby? Does Abby still love her?

He changes, and so do his views about women. He does things forbidden. He is happy, but love shows up in his life again, this time in the form of Myra, who he marries. She changes him back to his innocent self, but when life throws a curve, she herself turns evil. Just when he gets things in control, Shalini makes a comeback.

Will he dump Myra and their son Rey for Shalini, or will Myra walk away with Rey? Love You Forever is based on a real life story of love – betrayal, success – failure, fun – struggle, and marriage – separation in the life of an IITian/ ISBian entrepreneur-turned-author.


#4 Please Be Mine Forever by Nikita Gupta

It was years back when Aryan found himself drawn towards the girl with a golden heart and a contagious smile. Chahat couldn’t help but fall for this handsome and passionate guy either. They didn't even realise how, but they ended up meaning the world to each other, promising to be each other forever. But the present seems like a nightmare. Today, Aryan has seen chahat after five long years. Today, he stands alone, looking for answers of thousands of questions on why chahat had suddenly disappeared, with not even a slightest clue behind. With confused minds, teary eyes and tired hearts, will chahat and Aryan stay loyal to their promises? Will chahat come back to aryan’s – please be mine forever?.


#5 A Love Story by Destiny by Deesha Sangani

Avanni Singh is amazed when she meets Kiran Kapoor, her lover’s namesake. What is more astonishing is that his beloved shares her name. It seems like some prank by fate, but little do they know it was going to become an adventure they would never forget!

When Kiran loses one of his senses, and Avanni fails in her desperate attempts to help him recover, she gives up on life, tired of fighting the challenges. And then she happens to fall in love again, with another man bearing the same name. Sounds unbelievable, right?

Swimming in the pool of guilt, Avanni finds out that her partner – for whom she had been fighting a battle with life – was actually cheating on her!

Can two couples with the same names be connected in some way?

Can love happen when you least expect it to, and create A Love Story by Destiny?


#6 A Tale of Two Souls by Anand Kumar

I thought it was all over until I met her again. I was hurting myself to forget her, and yet I kept falling in love. I saw her, smiling and happy with him. As the tears in my eyes pleaded for freedom, I waited, for her, to give me that one smile... Sometimes life gives you a thousand reasons to fall in love, and just one reason to fall apart. I had stepped on it, and, I had to wait for three years to rediscover the soul within me. But, what happened to her in these three years? Does she love me still? This intense love story will make your heart fall in love over and over again.


#7 Love Unexpected by Ritu Kakar

Kaira is an independent girl, chasing her ambitions. Aveer is a strong-minded and successful entrepreneur, seeking expansion. When they get together to give wings to her venture, there are fireworks and a strange Chemistry between them. But there is something else walking along – kaira’s past. With drew’s presence looming large like the devil, kaira does not know how to accept her emotions for aveer. Her loved ones protect her from all harm fiercely, but will they succeed this time too? Amidst confusion of a promising future and the demons of the past, in trying to find faith and burying betrayal, and in the battle between kaira’s heart and her fears will love unexpected lead the way to happiness?.


#8 Beyond a Heartbeat by Ashna Kedia

‘Till death do us part…’
They never mentioned whose death

She is Raina Kapoor – a confident and intelligent beauty forced to stay in a place where she doesn’t quite belong.

He is Aryan Malik – a goofy and charming man, quick with his tongue, but even quicker with his smile.

When put together, they are bound to collide. A love that should have conquered all may end before its time. Their journey entails sorrow, sacrifice and even death. After facing the toughest tests, can they possibly come out alive? Raina must make the most important decision of her life: to give up or to give in.

Set in the small city of Indore, Beyond a Heartbeat is a story that will bring you joy, tears and a love that will linger until long after.


#9 Promise Me a Million Times by Keshav Aneel

Believing that life always gives us all a second chance is too bookish a thought. Because sometimes, by the time we finally realize our faults and true potential, times have changed dramatically.
Like a couple of migratory birds, both Charlie and Edwin leave everything back in their village and settle for a new life in the big city. For Edwin, it was where he was going to chase his dreams of becoming an actor; But for Charlie, it was just another place to be with his only friend, to help him accomplish his dreams.
However, life seemed to have different plans as it throws Charlie in Aster's way, who was silently walking through instabilities of her own destiny. He could never have guessed, but he was in for an absolute unthoughtful phase of profoundness, which was going to last forever.
Promise me a Million Times is a story of dreams, friendship, struggles and a will to make up for every loss with love by your side.


#10 Was it Love by Neha Sultania

Leila Rajput is a young girl, struggling with life and relationships, dealing with the trauma of a past life-event. Unaware of her true potential, she has almost given up on life, till she meets this dynamic, near-perfect Vikrant Rao via internet. He identifies her potential and offers her a strange arrangement to be her mentor.
He teaches her the basics of life, makes her realize her dreams and helps her in achieving them step by step. Under his guidance, she evolves into a confident and independent woman. They eventually fall in love and Vikrant relocates to her city, where he meets her friend Maya. While he solves Maya's life conflicts and helps her elope with Shahan, he charges a fee none could ever imagine.
Is Vikrant a villain or a victim of greed? Did he truly love Leila or was she just a puppet to reach his next victim?
Was it Love? is a story of Leila's journey through emotions, trials, betrayal and the devil called love.



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