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Book Review:

  • Author: Namrata Gupta
  • Publisher : Redgrab Books pvt ltd; First edition (25 February 2021); Redgrab Books Pvt Ltd, 942, Mutthiganj, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India Mo - 8887621755
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 160 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 8194845297
  • ISBN-13 : 978-8194845294 


“And if on that day, instead of saying that we're late in finding each other, you had said that now that I have found you, we'll never leave each other... Then, life would've been worth living.” Kashika takes her first step into a hard corporate life, while being in an emotionally abusive relationship with Vivaan, which has taken a heavy toll on her lifestyle, but is unable to let go. As the circumstances turn sour with physical abuse making a way into their relationship, she meets Vidit, who compels her to walk away and start a new life. Vidit and Kashika start finding solace in each other, which causes problems for both of them as Vidit is betrothed to someone else. Kashika feels Vidit is her soulmate but can't do anything about it. The entire situation becomes more complicated when Vivaan tries to reconnect with Kashika, and rekindle their relationship. Kashika feels tormented between her past and present, while Vidit is unable to choose between duty and his heart, making them feel stuck. With only few weeks left for Vidit's marriage, Kashika decides to confront Vidit about their relationship. Will Kashika and Vidit fight for their love? Has Vivaan really changed? What does fate have in store for her? Walk with Kashika as she tries to fight her destiny and doomed love life for a better future.

 The Review


 “There’s a fine line between loving someone and controlling someone. If you love someone, you want to see them happy even if you’re not the reason for it.”


This is the story of Kanishka who is in a toxic relationship with Vivaan. But she is not aware of it and misunderstood his abusive behavior with love and care. Vidit, his colleague helped her to discover herself and the true meaning of companionship. Soon, both starts enjoying the company of each other. They feel like soulmates, but destiny has decided something else for them. It is impossible to stay together forever because Vidit is already engaged. Will Kanishka move on with the current dilemma?

First, poems in the middle of chapters took my heart away. They are like a band-aid for a healing heart. Symptoms and the trauma of a person born in an emotionally abusive relationship are described in detail, which makes this read insightful.

The climax of the story is very thought-provoking, it creates many questions and realizations in your mind. 


Overall, it is an emotional and insightful read.


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Lost Love Late Love




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