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Book Review 

Author- Susan Mallery
Genre- Romance/Fiction
Page Count- 384 pages
Ratings- 3.4/5
"I'm very comfortable being right," she admitted. 
"We all here. But sometimes it's a lonely place." 

Jesse Keyes has done some serious growing up. With a steady job and a vibrant four-year-old son, Gabe, she's in a far better place than when she left Seattle five years ago..pregnant and misunderstood by everyone in her life.
Now it's time to go home and face her demons. But her sisters, Claire and Nicole, aren't exactly impressed with the new and improved Jesse. And then there's Matt, Gabe's father, who doesn't believe it's his child and makes it clear that he never wants to see her again despite the lust that still smolders between them.

Jesse doesn't know if she can make up for all the mistakes of her past. But she has to get him back.

But she has to get him back. Because in the end, trouble mixed with love is always sweet, or is it not? 

The Review (My Opinion): 

Susan Mallery is an amazing writer. In this book of hers, I loved the plot and the different details about every other thing, but if it comes to characters, I can't say the same. The main heroine protagonist won my heart, she has mastered perfectly and the way it has described her fights for her loved ones despite her dark past is bold and courageous. She has matured impressively. 

But I can't help but feel a little less of the male protagonist. In simple words-he seemed like a real douche bag. No, not that adorable douche bags we fell in love while reading, but a real jerk. 
All he cared about was malice to Jesse. Though this romantic fiction was a happy ending, I could not feel the affection and love between them, literally. Jesse aims for forgiveness and all that Matt aims for is making her life hell. And at a point, it becomes very dreary.

Though I liked the way he fought to get her back in the end , the story throughout was so full of vengeance that all of his bad actions overshadowed the good ones. 
Yeah, I l did love some beautiful humour thrown here and there.
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