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Book Review:

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Genre: Romance

Page count: 190

Ratings: 4.7/5



“I don’t think we are meant to understand it all the time. I think that sometimes we just have to have faith.”

Landon Carter would never have dreamt of asking Jamie Sullivan out, but a twist of fate throws them together. In the months that follow, Landon breaks down Jamie's natural reserve and begins to get to know her-and falls in love. But then he discovers that Jamie has a reason for not letting people close - a secret that will break his heart.



The Review (My Opinion):

I completed it in one sitting. 

This book has the Nicholas Sparks spell that is bound to make you fall in love with it. There is a certain homely feeling that leaves you smiling in the end, just like John Green Novels. The plot is simple, no too much of complications. But after reading this book, I actually realised that plot does not matter all the time if the words and the feelings in it have their own magic. Simple,sometimes is everything but boring. It left me weeping. You  start believing that one can go to any bounds for their love. 

I love the way Landon transforms into a better person, but I loved him since the beginning.  His personality attracts you to read more. But to be honest, I did not like Jamie in the start. She was too boring and monotonous but my opinion completely changed when slowly her real character came out. I developed so much respect for her.

Yeah the book is prejudiced in a way that the characters believe that only skinny and beautiful ones are worthy. That's a bit unnerving. 

Anyways, it leaves contentment when you put it down.


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