Blurb of 5th Book (2022 release)

A prolific science fiction writer, Natasha Chauhan, turned into a bestselling author soon after releasing her 1st book. After getting good feedback from readers, she planned to write a sequel to her first book. This book will be an important one in her literature career. One of the scientific research; Natasha started in her 1st book, was to be completed in her 2nd book. Dedicatedly, she began writing the sequel to her 1st book. Once she completed writing half of the 2nd book, she met with a mishap. What might have happened to her? Will she be able to complete the most important sequel (novel) to her first book? Will she be able to complete the research she started in her 1st book? To know the answers to these questions, read the complete book. Read the book to know why doctors are like the second god on this planet earth.

I will release this book in 2022 mid. Title to be launched with book cover.  Date of the book cover and title release is yet to be decided. And, thank you all for the love and support. I am grateful!


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