World Art Day 2022 -Only The Good Die Young-Book Review: Guest Post by Divya Yadav


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Book Review: 

Author: Akash Verma 

Publisher:  Penguin Metro Reads (15 February 2021); Penguin Random House India

Language: English

Paperback: 240 pages

ISBN-10: 0143450123

ISBN-13: 978-0143450122



Sometimes when you're desperate to leave the past behind, the past is eager to catch up!

Anuradha left Delhi when Dhruv chose his family over her. She thought that that chapter of her life was over and so she began building a new life in Mumbai. But strangely, the moment she leaves her past behind, her past begins to catch up with her. Dhruv suddenly comes back into her life and even as they begin to figure out their relationship, horrible things begin to happen to people around them.

The Review:

Well it's a sequel of "you never know". The title is enough to convey and narrate the story will its totally lucid. Type of psychological thriller with some main characters like trove Anuradha and Siddharth a k a Sid the story revolves around them, it's about Dhruv who was with Anuradha but later on they had to break up drove chose his family over her and after this mental breakdown Anuradha shifted from Gurgaon to Mumbai to forget everything and start a new life path in the demand it something else and after some years they met again.

Father when they tried to solve all the dispute between them something strange was happening and they noticed all of their colleagues are dying one by one so they were trying to find who was behind all this?

But also there was something about the past that Anuradha was hiding from dhruv, question was not aware when past knocks on the door the door couldn't be open nor close . Well its totally a rollercoaster of thrills and suspense.

So will they able to find who is behind all this?

Well known that be shocking for them?

And many questions but the only answer is go n give a read to it.

The people who love reading thrills you must definitely read and yes the authors elaborated everything so well and nicely explained each characters.



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