Best Books to Read in 2024- The Service Elevator


From the cover, I thought it will be horror. But it's not horror.
The narration of the plot is so easy to understand and as the story progresses, I came to the most important part, "karma" and I am a strong believer in karma.
Moreover, the story made me numb completely in many parts. I loved this unique plot. IT MUST BE MADE INTO SCREEN because the story teaches many things. I also felt goosebumps in some parts.
NO SPOILERS here. Read the book to know more.
I completed reading the book in 7 hours.

Milind Kabra, a thriving management executive and a prominent figure in India's IT industry, unexpectedly finds himself alone in an elevator one day. However, his situation takes a perplexing turn when an unfamiliar and enigmatic man engages him in conversation, promptly assuming control of the elevator. This unsettling encounter shatters Milind's belief that he's merely trapped due to a malfunction; instead, he comes to the stark realization that he's being held hostage by this mysterious individual.
In the confined space of the elevator, Milind is compelled to confront his past actions and choices, leading to the revelation of concealed facets of his life. Moreover, this tense situation compels him to expose disconcerting truths about the darker underbelly of the IT industry.


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