16 Best Books to Read in 2024


Hello #Bookstagrammers and #Readers! :) How are you all and I hope you have stocked up your library and kindle for June. Even if you haven't then this post will help you. I have listed some of the awesome and best books to read in 2024 that is a must add in your library. 

16 Flabbergasting and Best Books to Read in 2024: 

#1 Verity:

It is a thriller I have read in 2024 and this book kept me at the edge of my seat till the last page.

#2 Then She Was Gone 

This is one of the best thrillers I read of Lisa Jewell.

#3 Better Unsaid 

I completed reading this book in 1 day.
Book is beautifully written....and it's a must read if you wanna enjoy something light read.

#4 Cyber Detective

Different stories of thrill will leave you amazed. 

#5 Daddy's Little Warrior

This book will export you to college days as it has different characters who are working on projects for college. I loved it.

#6 From Breaking to Blooming 

 I completed reading the book in 2 days. The unique part of the book is the category of poetry.
All the poetry of single category is added in that particular category and so on. My fav poetry were- soul of a gypsy, an enduring love, the sweetest love, love is a curious thing, from flawless to flawsome, an ocean of healing, priceless attire, unboxing the darkness, wildflowers and weeds, you are enough, self-worth, a tale of a tree and this poetry touched my heart- Clear skies, starry nights, no hope in sight.

#7 Heaven 

This thriller is a must read if you love to read something deep. I loved the plot.

#8 Lighthouse Whispers

I completed reading this book in just 1 day. It is a quick read and the depth in poetry will leave you mesmerized till the last page. some poetry just made me smile a lot- One day, embracing the pause, Its not easy being an empath, Why, A love like that, Rebuilding through recovery, etc and many more.

#9 Nirvana 

I was numb as this book kept me on the edge of my seat while reading. I completed this in 1 sitting.
Deep words in poetry like Society's Whispers, The Rhythm of Life, Two Seeds- Bold and Gold and many more
Such a masterpiece, this book is! A must read for book lovers.❣️

#10 She and Her 

I loved this poetry book. It has some of the best collection of poetry that will keep you engrossed. My fav poetry includes- Bully attacks-You're fat, Her reply- Bully cries, Cult, Hold, I cut, Brother, and many more.
It is a must buy for poetry lovers.

#11 Silly Little Musings of My Life 

Its the cute poetry book that I enjoyed reading till the end.

#12 Sparrows of Michigan

A must buy for kids as the beautiful photos along with the story will attract kids quickly.

#13 The Service Elevator 

From the cover, I thought it will be horror. But it's not horror.
The narration of the plot is so easy to understand and as the story progresses, I came to the most important part, "karma" and I am a strong believer in karma.
Moreover, in many parts, the story made me numb completely. I loved this unique plot. IT MUST BE MADE INTO SCREEN because the story teaches many things. I also felt goosebumps in some parts.
NO SPOILERS here. Read the book to know more.
I completed reading the book in 7 hours.

#14 The Soul's Fuel 

The best part about the book is that it teaches so many different lessons of life .. and the narration is smooth. I completed reading in 10 days 📖📖📖
Must read for all youth.

#15 Thinking Machines

It is such a quick read that I completed it in an hour. I enjoyed it till the end and got to know about one of my fav current-technology trends. If you love technologies, this book will thrill you to bits.

#16  Thirteen 

It is fast paced book and you can complete in 1 sitting.
It will thrill you to bits. Different stories made me numb as I started reading.
It's a must read for thriller lovers.
My fav stories were- The broom story, the departure, scary night, in the woods, the room, the stranger, now you believe me and many more.
I enjoyed this book



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