Top 5 tips to write good science fiction- by an Indian Science fiction writer

So you love to think about new technological advances. If yes, think about scifi #sciencefiction. Here in this post, I will tell about the best tips to write good science fiction that will thrill geeks to bits.

#1 Science around you:-

Just think “science is in day to day life.

#2 Be a keen observer:

All you need to start doing is, observe the world around you, keenly because you can get inspired from any tiny thing.

#3 Ponder over problems of the world:

Think about a problem that people face in world, the problems which can be solved by scientific inventions. And begin thinking to solve those problems by tech advancements.

#4 Research, research, research:

Research about the latest technology solutions developed for solving that problem which you are pondering over. Just imagine if that latest technology solution fails at some point to solve that problem, then what new technology advance invention should be made. 

#5 There you go:

There you are! Think of something better technology solution than that. After you have thought over it, just research 10 to 20 pages on google if that technology solution exists in reality or not.
Whoa! If it does not exist in the world, then please share that imaginary scientific invention concept to the world in a story.


  1. Great post, I think it's really interesting. One interesting thing about the future is that most of the platforms and technology we use today, were not even around 10 years ago! So in just another 10 years a lot can change.

  2. Observing is key Nikita. If you watch, you can become a skilled story teller.

  3. Would try some hands on with writing now


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