11 Best science fiction books of 2019 to add in your library in January

Hello folks! My first post of 2019!

All literature lovers out there! Are you a crazy fan of hard science fiction literature? If yes, in this post I will list the 11 best science fiction books of 2019 to read in January.

Here you go:

#1 A Fall of Moondust

#2 The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

#3 Red Mars

#4 The Martian

#5 House of Suns

#6 The Three-Body Problem

#7 I, Robot 

“The book is a must-read for engineers and scientists. The author has good thought-process and out-of-the-box scientific invention ideas for fighting social cause of women’s safety worldwide.” Vice Chairman, Indian Science Communication Society
#9 The City and the Stars

#10 The Caves of Steel

#11 Around the World in Eighty Days


  1. The Chocolate Cake seems like such an interesting book! I would love to read that novel someday!


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